Save Time With an Efficient Contract Workflow System

Are you looking to cut down on valuable work time with an efficient contract workflow system? We can help! Our contract workflow module greatly reduces the time project managers spend tracking down signed contracts. The module automates the sending of contracts between the project manager, owner, and sub-contractor. This means your project managers can focus on managing construction work, not paperwork.



Automated alerts promptly advance signature process

The system alerts the proper department or individual when a contract is in their queue and ready for signatures. All documents are accessed in GLXY’s cloud document repository, so hard copies do not need to be shuttled or shipped from one party to another.


Eliminate tracking phone calls and emails

The contract workflow system manages all the alerts, which frees your staff from spending numerous hours making calls and emails to track down the status of each contract. In other words, the responsible party for outstanding contracts automatically gets an alert to execute their contract.


Status of every contract is always visible

Our contract workflow system ensures that everyone in the company can see the status of any contract at any time. The GLXY dashboard provides a visual snapshot, so incomplete contracts are immediately identifiable.


Digital signatures and paperless system streamlines the contracting process

GLXY’s built-in annotation and electronic signature pad support a 100% paperless process. Contract turnaround time is reduced from days or even weeks to just hours. All signed contracts are automatically filed in the document repository exactly where they belong.


Gain insight on your project metrics

The contract workflow module tracks all metrics. This means you can see the average time it takes to sign a contract, the turnaround time for each party, and which contracts are outstanding. GLXY users find that the contract workflow module actually decreases the time that the contract administration takes on future projects. Furthermore, process transparency encourages subcontractors to respond quicker.


Improve data quality

The contract workflow module ensures there’s no missing info when contracts are prepared. Contract accuracy improves and mistakes minimized.


How contract workflow works

Contract preparation and execution follows the defined workflow process:

  • First, the general contractor selects subcontractors for the project and adds them to the GLXY platform.
  • Then the project manager initiates contracts for each subcontractor.
  • GLXY alerts the subcontractor via email that their contract is ready for review and signature.
  • The subcontractor signs the contract, then GLXY automatically alerts the next person on the workflow.
  • Contract mark-ups can go back and forth between the parties, with all changes tracked. Each time, the party is notified when a document is in their queue and ready for review.
  • GLXY files executed contracts in the cloud-based document repository.
  • The project manager is alerted when their attention is needed. Otherwise, the project manager can focus on higher-value work, instead of chasing down paperwork and hawking subcontractors.-

Ready to learn how to stop wasting 10 – 15 hours of your project managers’ time every week? Schedule your contract workflow demo now!

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