Dependable Construction Management Cloud Software Solutions

When it comes to choosing dependable construction management cloud software, it’s important to choose the option that meets your company’s individual managerial needs. Here at GLXY, we work hard to provide several different software options, each with their own specialized strengths. Whether you need some help with scheduling or secure document management, we have a software solution for you!

When you work with GLXY, you can feel confident that we’ll provide the quality support and customer service your business deserves. We pride ourselves on our modules and will stand behind each of our programs. Take a look at our different specialized modules below and see how we can streamline your work process. Are you ready to invest in a cloud based construction software platform? Contact us today to schedule your demo.



Construction Scheduling Software

Manage your construction projects in real-time with the GLXY scheduling software module. Access your construction projects and subcontractors from a single screen. Plus, provide real-time updates and automated notifications to project managers and subcontractors, so team members know which sites should be worked and in what order. Deliver every project on time while increasing productivity and reducing costs. READ MORE


GLXY’s building schedule snapshot shows tasks and milestones; all team members have real-time access to the schedule. Plus, subcontractors receive automated alerts when a schedule change impacts their work.



Document Management

Get your team on the same page with accurate, real-time information. GLXY Document Management is a cloud-based solution with built-in structure, security, workflows, and alerts, therefore ensuring consistent document storage. Instant notifications are sent when new versions are uploaded and ready for use.

The central document repository eliminates multiple versions of the same document filed in multiple locations, so everyone is on the same page. Above all, the most current version of drawings and schedules are always immediately available and easy to find. READ MORE



Specific info fields must be completed for each type of document, so accuracy is improved. GLXY ensures that documents are filed correctly in the central repository.



Contract Workflow

The contract workflow module greatly reduces the time project managers spend tracking down signed contracts. The module automates the sending of contracts between the project manager, owner, and sub-contractor. This means your project managers can focus on managing construction work, not paperwork. The status of every contract is always visible, so you eliminate numerous tracking phone calls and emails. READ MORE



From this page of the contract workflow module, new contracts are created. Project managers are prompted to fill in contract details, CSI codes, trade proposal, buyout checklist, payment terms, and scope of work.



Daily Site Logs

The project superintendent’s daily site log is a vitally important record of the relevant activities that occur each day on a construction project. In short, GLXY helps make the recording, compilation, and sharing of daily site logs exponentially easier. Daily Site Logs fully integrate with Scheduling and Document Management modules. That is to say, the collected data is recorded in context and is more meaningful. In addition, the Daily Site Log module creates a daily site log report. This report can be emailed directly to the owner. As a result, administrative hours are reduced. The daily reports are compiled into a weekly report to share with the owner. READ MORE



The daily site log automatically adds weather conditions based on the site’s GPS location to the superintendent’s daily site log report.

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